We believe in long lasting friendships, inside jokes, and love letters. We believe in the power of a handwritten card and are dedicated to keeping the art of snail mail alive. Every one of our products is designed, printed, folded, cut, and packaged in house, on eco-friendly paper. We pride ourselves on this attention to detail, making sure each order is packaged with love and care. 

Aviate Press was founded in 2015 by Ava Puckett, whose love of doodling was just a hobby until she entered the job market after college, quickly deciding that a 9-5 wasn't her thing. Ava designs, produces, and ships all Aviate Press products by hand in Nashville, Tennessee.


Before launching Aviate Press, I juggled several jobs while searching for a 9-5 that would make me feel useful and accomplished. While struggling to find a career in the entertainment industry, I was simultaneously building up popularity on social media as an illustrator. As I kept filtering through job applications that I dreamed would give me financial security and a boost in self esteem, I wondered if that was really what I wanted to do, or if it was just what I thought I had to do. Well, I have yet to find the answer to this question, but instead proposed a new question: Why not hire myself and do something that I truly love?

So, that’s what I did. I doodled everyday, kept a journal of greeting card ideas, and started selling my products locally and on Etsy, with customers who repeatedly came back for more. I have found that people enjoy the artistry and wit that go into my original designs and get a kick out of how I can make a rat look so darn cute.  When I'm not doodling, you can find me kicking the soccer ball, playing with other people's dogs, or drinking a latte at one of my favorite East Nashville coffee shops.