We're Hiring

I'm looking for a part-time assistant to help run Aviate Press!  If you're in the Nashville area and looking for flexible part-time work, check out the details below...

Job Description

  • Part-time assistant helping with administrative tasks such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and packaging products
  • Opportunity to grow into a higher hourly rate with more hours
  • Flexible scheduling available
  • Someone who is detail oriented, not afraid to ask questions, and is able to complete tasks on their own
  • Self starter who can help improve systems and processes


  • Organized
  • Self sufficient
  • Detail oriented
  • Reliable

Proficient in…

  • Email etiquette 
  • Instagram and Pinterest
  • G Suite
  • Excel/Google Sheets
  • Extra points for experience with…
    • ShipStation
    • Later App
    • Making reels
    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • ProCreate - iPad Pro
    • Faire
    • Asana
    • Etsy
    • Shopify
    • Abound
  • Daily tasks include:
        • Filling online and wholesale orders
        • Packaging products
        • Inventory reports
        • Customer service emails
        • Handling returns
        • Taking orders to the Post Office
        • Keeping track of what to order and when
          • Includes packaging material and products
  • Weekly tasks:
        • Wholesale research *potential for higher pay
        • Wholesale outreach *potential for higher pay
        • Organizing inventory
  • Potential other tasks:
      • Scheduling social media posts
      • Coming up with copy for social media
      • Taking pictures and videos for social media
      • Proofreading emails
      • Formatting artwork for print

    Work Schedule:

    • Starting hours: 8 hours a week/$12 an hour
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-1:30 preferred, but schedule is flexible
    • Potential for work at home as well:
      • Social media scheduling
      • Packaging products
      • Wholesale research

    How to Apply:

    Please email me at ava@aviatepress.com with your resume and a brief introduction if you’d like to apply. I’m looking to hire someone as soon as possible!

    Thanks so much!

    - Ava Wolf Owner and Operator of Aviate Press