Day 2

I am now writing to you from my home studio, but in the same robe from yesterday. I've got my coffee, my water, a flickering candle, and some instrumental background music playing. I've set the mood for Day 2 of my writing challenge, so what could go wrong?

I'm not really sure what I want to write about hope is to find something special in each day to write about; to take one simple or ordinary moment and turn it into something special. 

So here are some options:

1) waiting at a coffee shop for a friend - noticing the other people going about their days. People-watching.

2) Making coffee - part of my morning ritual. Coffee helps ease me into the morning, into the day.

3) Cooking. Chopping the vegetables, smelling the flavors, trusting the process and tasting as you go. 

I'm going with number 1 today!


People-watching is always an interesting experience.

You never know who you're going to see, or what they will be doing. 

One of the best places to people-watch is at coffee shops. People often hunker down and spend hours there, making a little home office where they feel extra comfortable and sometimes forget they are in public.

Today, while I sat on the covered patio of a local coffee shop, I watched...

a couple of friends eating lunch while gossiping.

A girl sitting outside while scrolling through her phone.

Many cute dogs being walked by their humans.

Runners dancing between walkers down the thin sidewalks.

A girl talking on the phone while walking her dog and smoking a cigarette.

A few double-maskers set up inside, slipping down their masks every once in a while to take a sip of coffee.

And, strangely enough, a woman driving a red car with the windows rolled down and a small, barking dog in her lap, who stopped her car near where I was sitting outside to join her dog in barking. Yes, you read that right, she was also barking. It was unclear why she was barking with her dog or why she pulled over will remain a mystery.

There are lots of new experiences to have out there in the world if you start paying attention. Maybe you'll see the same red car with its barking driver too.


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