Day 4

And so it begins. I took the weekend off from this write-something-every-day challenge...because I can't actually be expected to write something every day, right? The weekends aren't real days...are they? 

What are some things I found joy in this weekend, that brought me back to the moment, that made me feel more connected?

Taking small tech breaks

moving my body

making coffee

I'm going with Making Coffee!

The Ritual of Making Coffee

There's a moment in my morning routine when I say, okay, I'm ready. Ready for coffee.

It's a shift from the leisurely 'waking up' activities - brushing my teeth, meditating, reading the news - that signals I'm ready for the next phase of my morning routine, which requires a little caffeine.

I love putting together a nice cup of joe.

It's a little self-love ritual that helps get me excited for the day ahead.

I love...

Smelling the coffee beans...

heating and swirling the milk...

Choosing how much cream or sugar I want to add for the day...

Breathing in the fresh coffee steam as I pour it into one of my favorite mugs...

It's an act that requires a small bit of patience and self-trust; just enough to get the day started on the right foot.

Once the coffee is ready to be enjoyed, I take a big sip and a deep breath. Ready to step into the sunlight a little bit more; ready to meet the rest of my day.

It's one small thing I do for myself every morning. 

Filling my coffee cup fills my cup. Get it?


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