Day 5 - a day late, but I'm trying to be gentle with myself

I missed a day yesterday! I woke up and my stomach was doing all kinds of crazy things. I ended up working from bed for the morning and not getting to my write-something-every-day challenge. But hey, that's okay! I'm showing up now! And that's what's important. I listened to my body and took it easy. We all have those days.

So for today...what sort of magical mindful moment would I like to write about? What happened yesterday or the day before that made me feel connected to the moment, connected to myself?

Moving my body...some yoga

Having quiet time, reading a book on my bed

Looking out the window...watching people and animals move about their days

I am feeling strangely pulled towards the last one

Out My Window

Every morning, before I get started on my work day, I feel the urge to take a peek out my front-door window to see what's happening on the other side.

Sometimes I see neighbors walking their dogs...

Or squirrels burying their nuts...

Or I notice the color of the sky, or the shape of the clouds...

When I'm working from home I'll take mini-breaks to look outside at my backyard where I might see...

The neighbor's kids playing in their backyard...

Or - like I saw last summer - a couple ravens hopping around a fumbling groundhog. Not sure what they were up to, but I enjoyed watching their activities.

It's nice to look out the window from time to time and be reminded of how the world is moving right along. How animals and nature and neighbors are all going about their business. How we are all sharing the same space on this Earth at the same moment. That's a pretty rare thing when you think about it. I'm grateful to be sharing some Earth with you. 


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