Day 6

Here I am again, showing up a day late, but again I am still here! *pats self on back. Literally I patted myself on the back.

Today I want to write about...

taking the back roads

Sometimes I find myself in a hurry for no particular reason.

There's a part of me that wants to make everything run extra efficiently, take every shortcut, do all the things at once.

But when I get curious about this part and ask it why she feel the need to be in a hurry, why she holds us to such high standards, it's interesting what I find...

This part feels that our worthiness is connected to how productive we are; How many things we check off our to-do list; How many things we can multi-task throughout our day. 

But the more this part sits in the driver's seat, the more anxious, buzzy energy I feel. It's like she's revved up the engine to 90 MPH and doesn't plan to stop until the day is over.

So when I feel this part wanting to take over, I suggest taking the backroads - metaphorically and literally - to remind her that we are so much more than our to-do list. We are worthy just be being here on this earth. 

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